2nd ANI ‘Coup de Coeur’ Photo Prize nomination

Two days into the professional week here at VISA Pour L’Image and it’s been fast and exciting as ever. I just got nominated for the ANI Coup de Coeur Photo Prize – for the second year – which I’m seriously pleased about. It was for my photo story on Julian Assange / WikiLeaks (a story which is still on-going) and was featured in Der Spiegel earlier this year.

You can find out more about it at the lalettredelaphotogrpahie web site at

As I probably said before in an earlier post, VISA Pour L’Image in Perpignan is the best place to see some of the strongest photo journalistic stories year-in, year-out. If you can make the trip out here at the end of each August, the you should. The quality of the work is incredibly high and you can’t help but be inspired by all the exhibitions that take over the city and in addition to the daily evening projections at Campo Santo.

It’s only Day 2 of the professional week and I’m already shattered. 8 days to go.

HUCK Magazine / VISA Pour L’Image 2011

Just got to Perpignan early for the annual VISA Pour L’Image photojournalism festival. The temperature’s up in the 30’s and the humidity’s even higher. Feeling a thunder storm coming on – must be all the photos going up in all the shop windows and town buildings :o)

This is my third year here and I think I’ll always keep coming back. At VISA you always get two festivals for the price of one: VISA Pour L’Image (for the pro’s) and VISA OFF (showing the work of amateur photojournalists). The work in both festivals is amazing and never fails to impress – not to mention I get to catch up with old friends and hang out in some great Tapas bars into the small hours.

Just got an email from the guys at HUCK magazine who have blogged about Conflicted on their site ( Thanks for that, they’ve done a great job.

Let’s see what the next week brings. You never who you’re going to meet here or what might fall your way. Should be fun.

London burns

London town is on fire tonight and I’ve just been reminded of a conversation I had with Finnish photojournalist Niklas Meltio at last year’s Visa Pour L’ Image photojournalism festival.

He was saying I should think about Afghanistan and I said “with all the austerity measures coming into the UK this year it could all blow apart. I’ll stay put.” I’ll be honest. I didn’t really believe it in that moment. It was a mathematical possibility. A dim chance. Now, with lots of friends running around in the dark of Camden, Hackney, etc, trying to make sense of it all, London feels very much on edge.

eBook now available

After what feels like a very long time ‘Conflicted: London’s Faces of Protest’ is finally available as digital ebook through the Apple iBoosktore.

With the publishing world undergoing to the same ‘pricing vs distribution’ revolution that hit the music industry, it seemed the logical thing to do. We will be developing a print version of ‘Conflicted’ which will initially be done as a limited edition run – but this might change. We hope to be putting up more details as they become available.

The intention behind this blog so as keep everyone up-to-date with what’s happening, answer any questions you might have, and keep you informed about the next books and any exhibitions that are planned.

All the best,